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One of the greatest struggles for any manufacturer is knowing what is actually happening on the shop floor.

Machine monitoring systems allow manufacturers to collect the critical data that gives department heads, supervisors, and operators real-time information about shop-floor activities, enabling them to make faster, more confident decisions.

OEE is one of the most important performance measurements in modern manufacturing facilities. By optimizing OEE, you can increase capacity, reduce costs, improve quality, and/or increase efficiencies in your production lines.

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EA Max – always delivering simplest “smart solution” to increase local SME business yield, by providing flexible and cost effective Industrial IOT-Automation solutions. We make it possible for the top management to able to monitor the production lines status remotely under real-time condition. This makes data to be collected in seamlessly, used for production analysis & optimization process in an automated method.

Today, we can draw on over 20 years of experience, as well as the extensive professional expertise of our associates. More than 200 successful projects in more than 5 countries are evidence of our competence.

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OEE Solution (Cloud-Based & On-Premises Option)

Automated and real-time production monitoring enhances productivity and efficiency. And when done with the right tools, production monitoring has the potential to transform an entire manufacturing company.

It helps reduce costs, find opportunities for improvement and aids in the achievement of goals.

The OEE software integration benefits that you can expect from our team extend to the whole company, regardless of the size, industry or production process.

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